Sunday, March 4, 2012

A trip to Charlie's Chocolate Factory...

...and more secondhand clothing reworked into costume pieces.

Way back at the beginning of February, we attended a Willy Wonka themed Burlesque show with a live performance by none other than our local favorites, Marquis of Vaudeville. The event was called "Gadgets and Gobstoppers" And , yes, I'm pretty late in posting about this. Had a scrumdiddlyumptious time, though!

For the event, I wanted to dress my sweety in some new duds inspired by what Wonka might wear. We found a bright red jacket secondhand and some matching scraps of red velvet in my craft stash. I dyed them with purple dye to make it burgundy. Then, I added some cuffs and striped trim. We had a bit of velvet left to make a matching hatband for one of his leather top hat that he made. The cane was another bargain from our flea market. I knew he needed it when we saw it. So unique for a cane. Though, we did have to shorten it a few inches. Must have belonged to one tall dude, cuz' my man ain't short at 6+ feet tall!

I also refitted a huge striped vest for him using another better fitting vest as a guide. It was an XXL to start. And, I changed out the buttons with some red enameled brass ones I got off of another suit jacket. (This pic was stolen from a friends album on facebook who got a shot of the vest while we were all dancing.)

My outfit was selected from parts I've worn before with a few new accessories I've picked up. Only real crafty thing was that I added a metal embellishment to the hat he made me that I posted about before here. The feather was just poked in there and can be replaced to match whatever I wear. The corset/bodice is my tabistry one from awhile back posted here.

I'm having fun aging photos in Photoshop. Must thank The Graphics Fairy for the vintage photo frames. Such useful imagery over there. I have another costume set to post about from this past weekend. So don't go anywhere!

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