Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinstriped Suit Revamped

This past weekend we decided to attend a ragtime ball with live music at the Son's of Herman Hall in Dallas. (Sorry some of the pics are so blurry. I used the timer.)

His outfit was a wee more work than mine. But, I figure he can rewear the parts for steampunk events, too.

I got the idea to remake an old pinstriped wool suit into some "plus fours" with matching vest and newsboy cap. It worked pretty well! Somehow I got the knickerbockers a bit short for my liking, but they turned out okay. Next time I must remember to "measure twice, cut once". The vest was made from the suit jacket. I used an existing vest as a pattern for this one, aligning it over the existing rather large suit pockets the best I could. I used the existing plastic buttons, that I eventually want to replace with metal ones. The jacket lining also included two pockets for a total of 5 pockets on this vest! Can't have too many pockets, can you? I mean how else is he going to hold all my stuff?! LOL!

From what I had left of the suit jacket and pant legs, I made him a matching newsboy cap. I did some poking around online for a free newsboy pattern. I took inspiration from a couple tutorials here and here. These were a bit big and full, I think. I changed it up to a six panel crown. It took a few mockups to get something I was happy with. I could still pick at it, but it was pretty easy to put together.

For my outfit, I kept it pretty simple. I just put together a 20's flapper-style inspired outfit with some pieces I had around. The dress was one I think I once wore to a wedding banquet years ago. The length was a bit short for the time period, so I added a black skirt under it. The arm warmers were cut from tights and the head band is just a piece of lace trim with an elastic hair band sewn to it. I poked the ostrich feather into a barrette in back, which kept it from moving around when we danced. And, of course, I rolled my stocking down as any daring flapper would do.

It was an enjoyable night that was well worth the effort. And, boy are my tootsies sore from dancing! Later!


mieljolie said...

Forgot to mention, I found a great video tutorial for making a newsboy cap, also known as a "flat cap" or "baker boy cap". You can find it here:

I didn't follow this one, but it is very similar to what I did for the outer portion, except I made my lining the same as the outer and created a hatband binding that folds in that can be replaced easily when soiled.


mieljolie said...

Here's another cap tutorial for a more tailored one. The hat lining is more similar to how I went about it, too:



Leah said...

Love your costumes in this post and the previous one. Looks like a lot of fun.

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Leah! Both were indeed a LOT of fun! I love playing dress up. :)


The Cardboard Crafter said...

I love it! (Especially his cool duds ;) Great job, innovative as always.

mieljolie said...

Thanks, TCC! It's always nice seeing a man dressed up for a change, even if he is wearing knickers. ;)