Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skull fun for Dia de Los Muertos

Just thought I'd share a little last minute Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, dabblings.

So, I was experimenting with some makeup the other day to wear to faire for All Hallow's with my ever-changing steampunk garb. I used some black and white eyeliner I had on hand and a little frosty white eyeshadow on top of the white liner, which made a cool shimmery effect. I was really impressed at my first attempt's results and pretty proud of myself. Especially for using what I had already in the makeup box. Unfortunately, the family was creeped out by it and talked me out of wearing it in public. ;( In hind sight, I should have just thrown caution to the wind and worn it anyway. Ahh, well. It was fun and I do plan to experiment some more and wear it at some point.

And, just for some extra giggles, I'd thought I'd share a Calavera poem I wrote while working on the old spellbook during one of my past craft swaps this year:

"A Crafty Calavera"

Here lies (whats left of) Mieljolie...
who made little things to delight you and me.
The life she spent crafting discarded waste,
we wanted to honor with scissors and paste.

Yet, none possessed notable skill,
to take on the task we wished to fulfill.
The problem perplexed us to no avail.
Our attempts at solution continued to fail.

“Waste not want not”, she repeatedly said.
But what do we do, now that she’s dead?
After much deliberation and thought,
our minds were set to waste her not!

Her bones for a chair were adequately able.
And her skull was used to level the table.
We wept as we swept what was left to her grave,
in the trash with all the junk she managed to save.

And, if you didn't know, the custom of creating Calaveras, which are humorous epitaphs or poems written for the living mainly to poke fun at the persons traits and habits, started around the late 18th during the festival known as Dia de los Muertos in Mexico.

Hope you've enjoyed my little contributions!


Janice said...

Fabulous look!

MissingWillow said...

You look fantastic!

mieljolie said...

Thanks guys! Maybe someday I'll be able to wear it outside the house. :D


art bliss said...

Perfect makeup. I loved the poetry, I'm trying to imagine that table in my mind!

mieljolie said...

lol! I imagine it would be something like the folk furniture you see made from antlers and cow bones. Sure gives new meaning to memorial, mourning and funeralia art. ;D


Michele Pacey said...

Wow that makeup is scary-good! You have such a great face shape for painting. The pumpkin eye make-up is a hoot!

I've never heard of calaveras before - did I spell that correctly? But I love the idea of making fun of one's quirks and habits in poetry. We musn't ever take ourselves too seriously, I think!

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Michele! I think you've got to be the only one who caught the pumpkin thing! Most I've asked said it just looked like flowers.

"Calavera" translates as simply "skull". Along with the epitaphs are gorgeous artwork and other decorations. They're some of the most beautiful and creative festivities.