Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And We Have Winners!

Time to announce the winners in the Star-crossed Lovebirds Witch BOO't giveaway!

I attempted to make videos of the drawing to show they are on the level. However, I'm no director, so they are what they are. :)

I'm going to share the tutorial drawing results first for suspense, even though we actually drew the boot winner first. My daughter did the honors of being our hand model. There were seven entries for the Witch BOO't Tutorial/pattern, of which 2 were for sharing links.

1. Hullabuoy
2. Creepy_Creations
3. Leah
4. MissingWillow
5. The Cardboard Crafter

bonus entries for shares:

6. Creepy_Creations
7. Leah

And the winners were...

...Creepy_Creations and Leah!! Congrats to you both! Must say sharing links paid off for our tutorial winners. :) I'll be sending your links over to you sometime tonight.

And now for the BOO't! We had four entries for the boot. They were:

1. Hullabuoy
The wind in your feathers, a skull at your back
Highlight your eyes so sexy and black

But alas my love,soon we must fly

For in full scope of these cats we certainly shall die

So beckon our wings to depart from this wall

For our fate shall be written in blood should we stall

And Raven and Ravenette will no longer be

But a pile of bent feathers of you and me.

2. Creepy_Creations
Two little birds kissing on a gate
Along came a cat and...ate!!!

3. Leah
Resigned to our fate We sit upon this gate.
While under the eyes of the moon
I will sing a lover’s tune
As we wait for black to announce
Their presence with a pounce.

4. MissingWillow

There once was a gal named Miel
Who made witch boots particularly well.

You best keep your money

She won't sell you one, honey

She's giving one (but don't anyone tell).

And...the winner of the drawing is...

...**drum roll here**...Hullabuoy!!! Yay! Congrats to Cathi! Please send me you shipping info and I'll get the boot out to you ASAP. I'll have the printable image ready hopefully tomorrow and will send instructions for retrieving it to each of you via email.

I sure hope these videos are viewable. This is my first attempt at posting my own from my camera. I had to clip it in half to get them to upload.


Hullabuoy said...

Yayyyyy to all winners-especially me-LoL! I am so thrilled-I love this boot! What an excellent surprise~Thank You so much!!!

Leah said...

YAY!! I love these boots! I can't wait to get started on one of my own. Gratz to the others winners as well!!

mieljolie said...

Congrats to you both! This was so fun. Loved reading the clever poems! Makes me want to have these for all my boots! :D

BTW, if you want you could use the image as a greeting card or something.


Christina Escamilla said...

Congrats to the winners!!