Friday, November 25, 2011

Having a Ball with Eyeballs

Juggling Eyeballs!!
Yep. Eyeballs you can juggle made from balloons! How fun! We had to try it. Though, I can't take credit for this project idea.

We just celebrated my daughter's birthday this past week. We didn't do anything fancy this year. Just some homemade cupcakes and crafts. There seemed to be a running theme of eyeballs. This would be partially due to the eyeball candy and cupcake wrappers we found in the clearance bins after Halloween. But, the daughter likes eyeballs and other creepy things. Which is probably rather odd. And, there is some irony in this, too. The irony being that all her dolls nowadays have button-eyed. strange. :)

Anyway, we had lots of balloons left over after b-day decorating, so I remembered this tutorial for making Juggling Eyeballs I'd seen on Michele Made Me. The balls are made simply with balloons and uncooked rice. And the cool part was that they were giant EYEBALLS! Really easy kid friendly project. So, we scouted out what we had; found three plastic bottles and some long grain rice (since we didn't have short); and made a couple. A few minutes later, we had juggling balls!

I must say, substituting with long grain rice didn't work very well. The rice holds it's flattened shape when dropped. And, being new jugglers, we dropped them a LOT. So, we made a second attempt with some expired peeled yellow "mung" beans in the back of our cabinet. They worked much better than the rice.

After making our eyeballs, we also used the balloon necks that we cut off to cover some additional juggling balls. They remind me of billiard or pool balls.

Now we just have to learn how to juggle. It's going to be lots of practice to be able to juggle three of them! I just can't seem to get more than two going at once. :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and/or scored some bargains this Black Friday! I'll be posting some more sewing projects shortly. Later!


Josh Healy said...
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Michele Pacey said...

Oh! So glad you gave this a shot! Aren't they fun! These balloon balls are such a nice weight for juggling I find. And keep practicing. You will get it eventually. It took me many many days practicing pretty much constantly to get the rhythm of it. Maybe check YouTube for some pointers. For sure there would be some helpful instructional videos on there.

mieljolie said...

You're so right, Michele. The balls are the perfect size/weight. And, yes, youtube was our first stop after finishing them. ;) I'm getting a little better. I can throw the third one in a couple times, but then I start dropping them all over the place. :)

Just about everyone had to give the juggling a try on Thanksgiving Day. It was pretty entertaining watching everyone. Of course, we had a show off in the family. Daddy was able to juggle already. But, we think if we keep practicing, we can out do him.