Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miss Witch's Annual Party - Witch BOO't

Miss Witch's Annual Party
created by Tiffany Hinnen (mieljolie)

On the top of a hill is the Mortal family's home,
where they're tucked in their beds, cuz they do not dare to roam.

They leave the lights on, even though they're fast asleep
to ward off those who haunt and things that like to creep.

For the spirits prowl tonight. From their coffins they arose,
for a night upon the town in their best Sunday clothes.

Mr. Bones has been waiting for this special night about.
He'll pass through the graveyard as he makes his way out.

He'll visit Miss Witch and her flighty fairy friends,
who host an annual party every decent spook attends.

There'll be black cats and spiders and a crazy bat or two.
Even the Devil may drop by when he's finished chasing YOU!

As you may have noticed above, I've been giving all my boots nicknames and occasionally write quick rhymes for them inspired by the scenes. It was a challenge to incorporate all the elements into the poem for this one. But, I think it's one of my fave poems.

This witch BOO't is a vintage-inspired commission for someone who has been waiting patiently since last year. This particular boot was interesting because she requested specific imagery. A lot of which couldn't be accomplished well with only silhouettes, which I normally use. So, it took me a lot longer to layout and paint. But, I aim to please. There is a witch and some fairy-like creatures on the left sides brewing a potion. A dapper skeleton, Mr Bones, is standing in an arch on the back with a friendly crow on his shoulder. On the right side is a cemetery scene with a spooky house on a hill in the distance.

In front there are eyes peeking out of the laces and "Wicked!" written on the tongue with tiny JOL pumpkins dotting the "I" and exclamation.

On my concept drawing, I had sketched little coffins with skeletons in them, but when she saw them she saw the reverse as corn shocks, which gave her the idea to include a devil chasing some veggie people like that which was popular imagery on vintage postcards.

Thought I'd never get this boot finished with all the detail and the chaos going on here. Sorry, I didn't get any listed for purchase this year. I know some of you have been asking. I had planned to, but you know how life works. It just didn't happen. But, if you can wait, I will have a few for next year.

Thought it might interest some people to see how I went about painting the various stages of this boot. After applying the primer and base coat, I started roughly drawing in the design with pencil. Then I painted all the yellow portions being careful to erase any pencil because it would show under the thinned yellow paint. Then I applied most of the big areas of black before going back and detailing with a small brush and marker. After that, I stepped back to look at the overall layout and color distribution. I added in some black areas to balance out and fill in things a little. Then I was able to apply the varnish to seal it and add the laces and dangling star. Since I had already painted the heel black before drawing out the concept, I went back at the end to paint it. That is why the black under coloring of the yellow is different than other yellow parts on top but matches the lettering on the tongue.

And for my loyal followers, I'm finally going to host a GIVEAWAY! Yes, that's right! I've been promising to post about it for ages. The prize will be the small witch boot in the image just above that I'm calling "Star-crossed Lovebirds". It's an experimental illusion piece, which is still in the process of being painted. I have a wee bit to finish up tonight including adding some stars in the sky and finishing up the birds on the tongue. So, if you're interested in owning this small boot or a copy of my witch BOO't tutorial look for the giveaway post sometime tonight or tomorrow for details!

Hope all of your own annual Halloween parties are as hair-raisingly fabulous as Miss Witch's!


Hullabuoy said...

Ha! Love the new boots!(I have been checking every couple of hours!) Wow lots of work on Miss Witch's looks great, the black and orange pop! Love the birds making the skeleton nose on the black and white! I think you have outdone yourself-how is that possible????Nice poem too!~You Rock!~Cathi

Hullabuoy said...

P.S I also love the eyes peeking out between the laces-nice touch!

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Cathi!

I think I'd like to make another boot with this black/orange/yellow color scheme. Maybe with less black overall. The orange on this one is much less bright than previous ones, too.

Glad there was no trouble spotting the illusion on the small boot. It was impossible to get the whole image in the pics at one time. :)

I appreciate you stopping by to comment!


MissingWillow said...

The eyes are my favorite part. Beautiful work, as usual!r

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Connie! I may have to agree with you. I almost didn't use the eyes due to the laces I had previously chosen.


Leah said...

I really love your boots. I am tempted to make one of my own, I feel like I can do the actual construction part, but when it comes to the painting I am afraid I will screw it up. So for now I will admire yours. I so love to see your new ones. :)

mieljolie said...

Hi, Leah! If you want to try it, don't worry too much about screwing up. You can always repaint. Or, you could try decoupage like Beth did here:


The Cardboard Crafter said...

I have to say, I think the top BOO't is my favorite so far. I love the eyes peeping out from behind the laces. Also, love the moon on the toe of the black BOO't below! Enter me in the giveaway ;)

Creepy_Creations said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!! It has to be your best boot yet!!!
Awesome work!!