Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Witch BOO't Tutorial/Pattern FINALLY Available on!!

By request, I put this tutorial/pattern together to help those who'd like to try to make their own paper mache witch boots. Yay! It's been a looong time in the making, but it's finally one more thing off of my todo list.

I'm going to keep it listed on here at least until Halloween is over. Not sure if I will keep it available much longer than that. It will depend on the demand for it. So, if you want it, go and get it. I'd be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

To celebrate this tutorial's completion, I will be hosting a giveaway of a small boot. So stay tuned in the next week or so for the details. And, thanks so much to everyone who has dropped by and commented on my witch boots. If I could, I'd distribute this tutorial for free to all of you. But alas, my family won''t let me. :) So, like the tabistry tutorials, the money goes to pay for the daughter's college education.

Take care and happy crafting!


Marilyn Girling said...

Hooray, I just placed my order. I have loved these from the first time I saw them. Can't wait to get the tutorial and give these a spin. Thanks tons for being so generous with your ideas and putting this together. Good luck on many more sales!

Marilyn Girling said...

Wow, I ordered the tutorial this morning and have it in my hot little hands already! Tiffany, you have put together a well laid out and beautifully illustrated tutorial that is super easy to follow. I can't wait to start a few BOOts of my own, I'm sure they won't be as gorgeous as your creations but it will be fun having a go at my own. Terrific job, thanks again!

mieljolie said...

You're so welcome, Marilyn. I aim to please. When I put a tutorial together, I like to make sure it is easy to follow.

It's funny, but you may notice the hands change from pic to pic. I had my mom help as a hand model and photographer in some of them so that I could get the angle I wanted. In others I had obnoxiously red nail polish on. :D

Good luck on the BOO'ts!!