Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Putty...Paint...FIRE!! - Flintlock Pistol Update (as promised)

Just wanted to show the results of the repairs to mom's Flintlock pistol I posted about for "Talk Like a Pirate Day". She didn't like the hole exposed by a missing chip where the fake barrel cuts off under the wood. So, I sculpted the missing part for her with some wood filler putty. I had some of this stuff left from a past repair we made to one of our doumbek drums. It's truly amazing stuff. After letting the putty dry, I went back and sanded it smooth and added a little paint, marker and such to match the color of the wood.

You should always ALWAYS have good lighting when working on stuff like this. I failed to notice some small nicks in the putty. You can see the small nicks around where the putty meets the wood. But, anyhow, I think it makes it look more like a knot in the wood or something. Oddly, the color match is really better in person then on screen. Hmm..hate that. :)

The last quick thing I did was grind of the annoying "MADE IN CHINA" stamp on the top of the barrel. Why they put it there of all places is beyond me. I put a little paint over the spot to match the aged pewter, since it would take WAY to long to let is age on its own. :)

Now we just need some butane to fill the lighter with!

In other news, we're making some ongoing improvements to Yurtle, the yurt. It's getting a face lift. And, I got some awesome bargains on upholstery fabric and some free carpet. I'll have pics of that project hopefully sometime at the beginning of October. **knock on wood putty** Should have some new Witch BOOt pics to show, too. Until then, thanks for stopping in!