Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahoy, me hearties! I be ARRRmed and dangerous!!

Aye, tis true! Fer Talk Like A Pirate Day, I be repairin' me dear mum's flintlock fer faire this October. So, pard'n me fer soundin' a squiffy n' butch'rin' me up some landlubbin' pirate speak. (I'm terrible at speaking pirate, if you can't tell.)

This pistol was found in a shop whilst belayed in foreign ports (the local flea market). She nay be a workin' weapon, but she be a fine beauty of a torch all'da same, she is. (Actually, it's a cigarette lighter.)

Shiver me timbers! Feast cher scurvy eyes on that bleedin' hammer thar! Me mum be 'bout addled in 'er brain after spyin' it. She be likin' her elephants, she be.

It be havin' a bit of a chip missing off the starboard corner that I be fer fillin' with wood putty.

Still need to sand 'er and make 'er pretty. Avast... that be all fer now. I'll be fer showin' the finished piece when I make port again.

Now, bring me that crafty horizon! ARRR....

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