Saturday, July 2, 2011

House Elves and Hallows

Deathly Hallows - part 2 is just about here! Yippee!!

I'm busy getting some tabistry stuff finished up, but I thought I'd celebrate the last Harry Potter movie coming out this month with some HP-themed projects mom and I had set aside about 90% finished. The next few posts will be dedicated to the magical world surrounding Hogwart's. Yay!

Remember back when we introduced you to Geezer, the House Elf? He went to live with my sis and her daughter. Now, meet "Dobby" (pre-clothes) and "Kreacher". ( I must say, it was a real challlenge getting them to sit in the pic together without hurting each other.)

Mom did most of the sewing on these. I really only helped her with pattern alterations and the eyes. You may notice that the two elves have different eyes. For one, Kreacher's eyes are milky looking. I wanted an old cataract-ridden look for him. I accomplished this with white acrylic paint thinned really well with a waterbase gloss varnish. I should have painted the eyes yellow, though. Not sure why we used blue. Also, I decided to try gluing the eye backing to the face on Dobby. This eliminates the stitch rings around the eyes. Much easier to do, too. :)

You may be wondering what happened to Kreacher's ears? Merlin's Pants! Why are they so freakin' long?! Well, there is a perfectly horrible reason. Instead of going back and watching the movie for accuracy, we went by this pic I found online:

Curse them!! Boy, were we wrong about the ears! :) But, you have to admit, it does look like it continues down his back, right? Well, we liked them and we aren't going to change them! :p

There are a few additional things I will be finishing up. The toes and fingers on Dobby need to be stitched. And, his tea towel needs some aging and distressing. As for Kreacher, I think his outfit is a wee too baggy. I'll probably take it in just a hair.

We plan to have these little guys ready and with us at the last movie. Don't worry, though. They won't be taking up any additional seating. They are strictly lap elves. :) BTW, we agreed not to take them to the last movie, even though they were almost finished. I'm sure that Dobby would have been traumatized to find out what happens to him. And, of course, Kreacher wouldn't let him forget it. ;)

Have fun with the fireworks this weekend! I'll be posting another Harry Potter project very soon!


The Cardboard Crafter said...

Really cute! You could probably make some $$$ selling those :)

mieljolie said...

Thanks, TCC. We're more swappers than sellers at this point. :D I have the "house elf" alterations we made to ghilies's pattern available for anyone that want to give one a try. You can get the wonderful original poppet pattern at:


Anonymous said...

OMG I have two kittens named dobby and kreacher and I came accross this looking for cat toys for them. I'm going to try to make some for them. So inspired! Thanks

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Anon! What wonderful names for you kittens!! But, I bet it's murder trying to get them to clean anything but themselves. :D

Good luck on the cat toys!