Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Voodoo Doll Pincushions Revisited

Recently, among my many other projects, I've been helping my mom make some pincushion dolls. We've finally got around to these that my sis was asking for after she saw Frankie. He's the one we made for a Halloween swap here.

The pincushion voodoo doll hangs on around your arm by his scrunchy elastic arms while you sew or pin a hem. If your sewing table is small like ours, this helps keeps large projects from pushing the pins off the table.

There's a metal plate is in his back so the pins won't poke all the way through. And, there is a small pocket on the back (on this one it's his pants! tee hee!) to put needle threaders among other things.

His body is made of t-shirt material with either polar fleece or felt pants/hair. Though some of the construction was accomplished on the sewing machine, I'd say much of it was hand sewn.

We made this greener one before the other. He's more like the original, but the hair is more of a flat top style.

He also has a pocket in back. I didn't make a pattern, so it was really difficult to remember what I did. That was probably a good thing, because it made us rethink a few of the details which I really like. She's working on some other ideas including some other characters. She's got it in her mind to make a zombie, mummy, and perhaps a pirate.

As far as other projects. I've got some outfits we whipped up for and event a few other things to show soon. Need to start planning this years Valentine's cards, too.

Have a crafting time!


Andréann said...

this is an awesome idea wonderfully executed!

Hullabuoy said...

I like it-great idea, too bad all my pins are missing on the floor already!

Creepy_Creations said...

They are both too cool!! Love them!!! Can't believe you guys finally got around to making more! hee hee

I'm sure they are all going to sell quickly!! Such a fun idea!!


mieljolie said...

Thanks, everyone. Mom's still busy making a few more of these all at the same time. She's trying a few new things and working on the mummy and pirate. I'll post when she gets one completely finished. :)


PS: Hullabouy, hope you don't find those pins in your foot. OUCH!! ;)