Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tim Burton Inspired Witch Boot on Ebay!

"Every Halloween night, when the moon is just in sight,
Place pumpkin lanterns on your porch to stay.
They are not very bright, with just a candle for a light.
But they frighten all the dark things away." - Tiffany (mieljolie) 2010

The last Paper Mache witch boot is on eBay here. It should end Sunday evening.

I was trying new things, again. So, the heel is a different shape than the previous boots, tapering in at the bottom instead of flaring out. And, the ankle top is a little shorter. Looking at the stance and shape of this boot really made me think of something in the world of Tim Burton. I love his movies, so I wanted to pay homage to his work (without copying it blatantly). I thought it needed an unusual color to go with the shape, so I chose the purple, which reminds me of a dark spooky night scene. The trees are stylistic, almost cartoony, to go with the creepy mood. I was going to paint some skeletons, but I thought too much white would take away from the toe and heel. Then, when I was painting some branches on the trees, a face started to appear at the bottom in the purple background. It later became the large pumpkin above. Maybe now, some will believe that these pieces do tell you what they want to be. :) That or, I'm just bonkers.

The left and right sides are painted similarly. The left moon is asleep while the right is awake. And, they are wearing a striped nightcaps.

Experimenting with the laces, I relaced this one at least six times in different ways before deciding to add the polymer clay skulls. I was getting bored of just black laces and wanted something unusual. But, the ribbon was too wide and covered to much of the tongue where I had painted another creepy tree. What do ya think? Daughter commented that they looked like little winged skull butterflies. :) I think she's right on there.

Hope you like it! Now, to get busy on some shoes!


Atteneri said...

OMG!! I love Tim Burton and I love your boots, what a great combination!!

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Atteneri! I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, myself (if you couldn't tell).


Licho_Nie_Spi said...

I love Tim Burton and your boots are awesome. I saw on ebay that green pare.

Hullabuoy said...

I have to do one with this color scheme-it rocks!

mieljolie said...

Please do try the color scheme! I like it, too. But, go lighter on the purple than you think. Purple is darker than it looks. My under coat was just about lavender before I stained it. I think it could have been even lighter to pop the black details.