Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Bewitched" BOO't available on eBay!

Just finished the largest one of the three sizes of original boot styles I posted about here. This is the green one with the grayish heel and tongue. I hope I've improved upon it since the base coat pics. :)

I've added a few "fiendship" pins to the top right of the laces with a JOL pumpkin attached to one. The boot has two witch scenes.

The left side has a witch stirring a cauldron with a cat batting at the steam. And, an owl in the tree. I put some some handmade polymer clay skull bead dangles on the laces to match the random ghostly skull faces on the heel.

The right side is of a haunted house with a witch flying high on the sky on her broom. (Guess she's off to the 24-hour Potion-Mart get more ingredients for the brew in her cauldron.)

I tried something new with the laces of this one. I decided on the ribbon I use to weave my "tabistry" favors. It has a kinda mummy-like quality with some eyes peaking through the laces. The lettering on the tongue took me awhile, even using the paint pen instead of the paint brush. But, if you've seen my everyday handwriting, you'd know it is barely ledgible. :)

I wrote a quick little rhyme for the boot:

"A witch stirs her cauldron in the murky moonlight,
while the woods around her settle in for the night.
"EGAD!!", she shrieks as she grabs her last jar
of "Dr. Pimply's Most Amazing By Far Beauty Restoring Tar".
In a flash she's off on her broom like a dart
to get more tar from her nearest Potion-mart." - Tiffany (mieljolie) 2010

Please check this Bewitching BOO't out at my SO account on eBay here! It should end sometime Sunday evening. Thanks for looking!

Have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!


Lisa said...

Your sister has been showing off your boot! Just wanted to let you know I think it's a great boot!


mieljolie said...

Yep, Lisa, isn't she the best sis ever! :) Thanks for stopping by to comment.