Monday, August 30, 2010

Wire-wrapped Adjustable "Eye" Ring

This project was more difficult than I had expected. I was inspired by a few wonderfully talented artists on like Twisted Sister Arts and Kim's Jewels and the wire wrapping techniques used by Passionate Jewelry Designs. Though I don't condone copying someone else's art, as a learning experience I wanted to figure out how they managed what the did. After three varying attempts, I realized I really need to practice working with the wire. :) I managed to come up with this one on my last attempt. :) I must say it takes a lot of skill and patience to create the piece they make. And, after attempting this, I have even more respect for their talents. I don't think you'll be seeing any wire wrapped items in my own etsy store. :)

For the eye, I use acrylic "cat" doll eyes that I had leftover after some projects. I achieved the mottled effect to look like a "gator" eye by scratching and poking the paint off the back of the eye with a pin and other sharp objects. Then, I painted over the scratches with assorted darker paints.

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