Monday, August 30, 2010

Miniature Witch Curio Cabinet

I know this is supposed to be MY craft blog, but I just had to show what my mom contributed to the IYP Swap I just participated in. She made a miniature witch curio cabinet like some in my swap partners wist. I think Mom did a great job. She was inspired to try decorating one when she came across the cabinet at a thrift store. I guess it "spoke" to her. :)

She made most of the items while visiting my sister in Kansas. She made a few of the books and the witch hat herself from scratch. My sis also contributed one of her popular JOL pumpkins that she decorates her unique up-cycled jewelry boxes with. It's sitting in the second shelf on the left. My daughter also pitched in on a few items like the scroll in the cabinet just under the pumpkin and the label on the potion bottle.

Most of the potion bottles are made from glass beads and the doors are covered with painted tulle to resemble chicken wire.

Mom made the wand, leather spell book and hat on the lamb. I added the "Spells" title for her to match the large spell book I made for my swap partner.

She must really like making the miniature books. We're getting quite the wee-sized library over here! She's working on a couple more cabinets. One for my sis and the other for herself, I think. I'll get some pics when they are finished.

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Andrea C said...

I have a bone to pick with you.... I have lots to do today and I can't stop ogling your blog. Your creations are seriously amazing. I keep telling myself just one more post. x

mieljolie said...

Haha! I'm guilty of this too, Andrea. Thanks for stopping by, even if it has ruined you productivity for the day. ;)


cheap china cabinets said...

Omg... so lovely miniature of curio cabinet. Looking too cute.... Want to stare at them continuously.