Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hogwart's Birthday 2nd Year - Chamber of Secrets Reopened

We hosted our 2nd year Hogwart's Birthday Party weekend for my daughter this past November.  Since the theme this year was "Chamber of Secrets", which is the daughter's favorite book/movie, most of the new projects were inspired by events that happened in the story.  (But, luckily much of our decorations could be reused from last year, too.)

When our guest arrived around 3pm on Fri, a flying car was stuck in a tree just in view from the driveway.  (Guess some of the students are at it again.)  Once inside, we took their bags and ushered them into the Great Hall to start the festivities.

Over the next few months I hope to share some of our new projects related to the decorations, games and food. You can read the posts on our first year party starting with Part 1 of 4.  I'll start this years party in order of how it went.  Projects will include:
It was a LOT of fun...and work!  So, look for more Harry Potter posts to come.

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