Friday, March 7, 2014

Viking Inspired Helmets in Paper Mache

I've been so busy that I failed to share some costume helmets made for a viking themed party we attended back in December.  They were fun to make....and in no way historically accurate.

First, the helmets are made from cereal boxes and paper mache painted with acrylic paint and decorated.  I love working with cereal boxes.  You'll probably notice I use them frequently.  They're just so darn convenient and easy to work with.


My helmet was painted silver and light blue to match the tabistry corset I wore with it.  (Sorry I didn't get any pics of the outfit.  I just used pieces from my ren faire wardrobe and fashioned an apron dress out of an old tan rayon tank dress I had.)

Of course our helmets had to have the obnoxious horns, which are formed from wadded up newspaper taped with masking tape before paper maching.  I painted my horns off white and stained them brown.  Then, I applied a thick coat of translucent fabric paint that made them shiny, rubbery and GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!  Afterall, what's a party costume that doesn't glow.  :)

Then, I made a friend a custom bunny-eared hat inspired by her nickname.  Yes, it appears to be a steampunk robot bunny viking hat!  Hehe


I used some white faux fur and pink velvet scraps for the ears, and embellished the hat with painted hot glue rivets and some silver rimmed pink jewels

The last and largest hat was for Mr. Sam.  His has a purple and black glitter swirl and striped horns that also glow-in-the-dark.  It was quite the sight to see.

In true viking style, we also raided another party, actually a masquerade birthday ball, the same night before heading over to meet up with the other vikings.  We got a few stares.  LOL!  Hope to wear these again for other parties.  I want to eventually make matching shields and sword, but I didn't have time for this event.  Hopefully I will get caught up on other projects to share on here.  In the mean time, keep being crafty!

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