Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Cool" Organizing Tips to Try This Summer

If you've followed this blog long, you know I love to upcycle stuff.  I'm constantly looking for ways to reduce our waste and avoid having to purchase things I can make myself.  Well, here are a couple things you can try while cooling off this summer.

Any grade school'er will tell you that popsicle sticks make versatile crafting supplies, but there are other frozen treats with handy things worth saving, as well.

Take the simple Push Up Popsicle for instance.  Ever thought to use it for organizing your sewing notions?

Use them as an easy way to organize bobbins and thread spools together so you don't have such a difficult time finding them. All you need is that plastic stem off you a push up. Turn it upside down and slip the spool and then the bobbin on the stick. You can store these together vertically in a drawer or box and never have to search for the set again.   Just pick them up by the stem to pull them out.


I should point out that there different brands to look out for.  Push Up by Nestle brand have removable hollow straw sticks, while other brands are molded in one piece.

If you get the Push Up type with the removalbe stem, you can put another end on the other side and store them sideways to see the colors better.  The great part is they don't touch the sides of the container or each other where stains can discolor them. 

If you want a handy carrying case for those thread/bobbin sets, store them in a gallon-sized ice cream tub.  These tubs are great for storing all kinds of things.  I keep my can tabs, bottle caps, paints and other supplies in them.  I even used to store powdered laundry soap in them when I was back in college years ago.  They not only keep things all in one place, they're a good size for traveling and are stackable. 

So, those were two ways you can feel slightly less guilty when the family is enjoying a frozen treat this summer.  :)  Next up I'll probably be sharing another reworked cowboy hat or my recent adventures with hair coloring.  Until then, be crafty!

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