Friday, April 8, 2011

Skelly & Kitty Witch BOO't

My final project of this past craft swap with Crafterella was another witch boot by request. When I asked her what she'd like on one, she mentioned skeletons and black cats. So that's what she got. And, a lot of them, too. ;)

I did something different, again. I ran the diamond black/while pattern around the top and lace edges. Then, made arches around the ankle of the boot to frame in the three scenes. Both sides have a black cat and JOL pumpkins on an iron fence. One with a hanging spider and one with bats.

The back is a skeleton juggling more JOL's. And, on all around the heel are three skeletons who look to be holding up the shoe. More skulls are dotted around the bottom edge wrapping around both sides.

I even managed to squeeze another juggling skeleton on the tongue peeking out from the ribbon laces which I wrapped the ends of with copper wire.

I painted "Happy Halloween on the tongue with some crossed bones under it and put a skull and crossbones custom polymer clay bead dangle on the toe using some more copper wire. The copper should age in time to a nice darker orange to match the boot.

Well, that's it for this swap! I'll be posting a final post to link all the individual items and show then all together.

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