Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looky LOOKY what I received from Dfly Creations!!!

My sister recently put me wise to an awesome blog called Dollhouse Mini's by Dfly Creations created by the wonderful and rather too generous Lorraine. She makes some amazing and very tiny miniatures with crazy details. And, I was one of the winners in her guessing game giveaway organized to celebrate her blog reaching 100 follower! She sent me this adorable little blue wand and box! (There are clearer and more detailed pics on her blog here.)

I'm so amazed at the details! I can really appreciate the effort that goes into these miniatures after working on my tiny witch boots. You really need lots of patience and a steady hand. There is even a label on the side of the box. My daughter spent quite some time trying to make out what it said. :D

While I was snapping off some quick pics, a visitor stopped by to check out the wand. This wolf spider ought to show the tiny scale of the wand pretty well. :)

It decided it wanted to pose for a few shots. :) Who am I to argue?! I was starting to worry that it might run off with my prize!

Thank you so much for the awesome prize, Lorraine! My mom is working on a miniature witch cabinet that this will be displayed in with pride.


Lorraine Escapita said...

Your words are so kind! Thank you and thank your sister too!

I spent an hour or two going through Harry Potter info and found 17 or so wands with information. I used that info to make labels that have Wood, Core, and Length. Of course once I shrunk the labels to the correct size you can't really read them anymore... :).

I hope I get to see the witch cabinet!

Lorraine Escapita said...

I just realized who your sister is when I saw your witch shoes and boots!

Here I was feeling bad that only one sister got a giveaway wand, especially when she brought you to my blog... but she got one too :).

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Arnt they fab, I got one too, Lorraine is too generous! Glad I found your blog, Im sure Jamie must have told me about it but I have a terrible memory! I adore that spider, would love one of those for my Harry Potter house!Kate xxx

mieljolie said...

Hi Lorraine! That's cool that you spent the time to make real labels. My daughter was determined to read it. :)

Sorry, I should have mentioned my sis's name. Yep. We both were so lucky to get one of your wands. It as generous of you to make enough for so many of to get one. I LOVE how the finished display case turned out! It's gorgeous, especially with all the neat things cased in it. Your progress pics were very cool, too. Thanks for sharing.


mieljolie said...

Hahaha, Kate! Better use "Arania Exumai" , or at least a freezing spell, before putting him in the house with your miniatures. ;) Might wreck your hard work!

I don't condone killing spiders, but my SO found a Wolf Spider twice this size for my daughters bug collection, that would have been just about a dead ringer for Aragog in the movies. Unfortunately, we had a bad fire ant invasion last year that found her case and destroyed most of the collection. So, it is now headless. :(