Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scrap, the Cat

My daughter sewed her first doll today! She's very proud of it. His name is "Scrap", which suits him well.

It all started during the cleaning out and reorganizing of my craft room. Just yesterday I started gathering all those little bits of fabric that are too small for most projects into a bin. Then, I let the daughter loose in it to make her own doll clothes. She made a cat with some of the left over fabric and her toy sewing machine that she got for Christmas. I had to help out a lot only because the machine is more difficult to work on than a "real" machine, but she designed it, guided the machine and stuffed it all with a little help from mom.

She's all excited to make more dolls and clothes. I guess we have created not just a cat doll, but a new seamstress craftster, as well! YAY!!!

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