Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paper Mache Witch Boot

To decorate the can for the OYP Halloween Swap I made a paper mache boot:

witch boot with leg
Note the Pringles guy JOL.
witch boot with leg

The can leg is removable and is a poison bottle. On it's label were the contents of the package inside. I didn't tak any pics of it finished, but my partner has a pic in the gallery images. Here is the label:

poison label front

poison label back

My sister came up with the idea to add what I'm calling "fiendship" pins to the laces:

fiendship pins

To make the paper mache boot I used a large Frosted Flakes cereal box for the sides and some free newspapers I dug out of the post office trash cans by the mailboxes for most of the rest of it. (Yes, I was dumpster diving for them. It's usually only full of junk mail discarded when sorting mail, anyway, so :p.) I used a cut up toilet paper tube for the heel. Everything was held together with masking tape before I pasted the newspaper strips on. I glued it with wallpaper paste, although Elmer's glue watered down would work just as well. The paste that I used , which is a powder, I've had since 1991! That's some old paste! Worked like new! I can't believe I've hauled that stuff with me for this many years. Still have a lot left, too.

Anyway, here are some pics before I painted it:
witch boot unpainted
witch boot unpainted

I'll be posting each item separately and linking them all in my last post. To many pics for one post!


Martha said...

wow, i love it. not sure I could have made something like that, but you have me wanting to. great job and thanks for sharing.

QueenQuill said...

I love this project! What is OYP? What websites do you do swaps on? I've recently discovered Swap-Bot and other sites, and am excited to start doing swaps!

Great blog, by the way!

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie) said...

Thank you Queenquill! "OYP" stands for "Once You Pop (You Just Can't Stop)". It was the slogan for Pringle's potato chips. The swap rules were make craft items that would fit in a decorated Pringle's can. Some us bent the rule a bit. :)

This and many other great swap themes can be participated in at at The moderators really make the swapping go smoothly. They use "angel" volunteers when the occasional swapper flakes on their end. In my experience, they are fun and worth the effort. You should definitely check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!


BonesInspired said...

That's brilliant! what a fantastic papier mache project. I think I'll have to Wist this ;D You really did a fantastic job.

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie) said...

Thanks so much, BonesInspired. It was a really fun project for a great swap!


jasmoon-butterfly said...

I am wow'd by your witch boot...luv it!
Thank you for sharing I am feeling inspired, been some time since I played with papier mache :0)
love & light
Trace oxo

mieljolie said...

Thanks you, jasmoon-butterfly. I love working with paper mache. The possibilities are endless with that stuff. Not to mention how fun it is getting the hands messy for a change. ;)